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The 10 Most Innovative Companies in Machine Learning

Smadex is the leading mobile-first programmatic solution for branding and performance marketers powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is led by engineering and data science, working with agencies and direct clients across the globe. It was chosen by Analytics Insights magazine among the 10 top machine learning companies in 2018.

For the last ten years, the mobile internet has been increasingly capturing our attention and generating massive amounts of user data. The dramatic shift towards mobile not only increased marketers demand for mobile advertising but also created the opportunity for intelligence-based technologies to harness the generated data with powerful programmatic mobile advertising tools.

The mobile revolution shifted mobile marketing towards a “programmatic” model, meaning the industry is becoming increasingly focused on automation. Programmatic advertising allows advertisers to automate the analysis of audience data and automatically serve relevant ads to specific users to promote a sale, a download, or an interaction, and programmatic ad buying allows advertisers to automate bids on digital advertising space.

Creating the perfectly calibrated programmatic tool to allow advertisers to reach the right audience at the right time to ensure consistent ROI has felt like the search for the Holy Grail for many ad tech companies, but some are much closer than others. Standing as a leader in delivering the best mobile-first advertising solutions backed by algorithms to drive effective customer engagement is Smadex.

Smadex is the leading programmatic mobile Demand Side Platform (DSP) powered by machine learning. The advertising platform allows agencies and individual clients to place ads on mobile devices intelligently, at scale, based on calculated user interests and ad relevance.

The proprietary technology provides branding and performance marketers a transparent mobile media buying platform connected with international mobile ad exchanges, that allow clients to buy advertising space via real-time bidding.

The company’s partnerships with leading third-party platforms ensure its clients have access to the most innovative ad solutions to capture mobile users’ attention, all from a single, transparent interface.

The Dynamic Leader

Smadex was conceptualized by the Founder and CEO, Jordi de los Pinos, while working as a cell phone and airplane chip engineer. Working on the front lines of mobile technology, Jordi saw immense potential in the mobile marketing landscape and set out to design a mobile advertising platform that would be built on mathematically sound algorithms and utilize the latest advancements in machine learning.

Jordi’s business and engineering degrees from MIT, Telecom Paris, and Politecnic University at Barcelona prepared him for the dynamic role of leading a company as well as leading the product development of the company's proprietary DSP technology. Before founding Smadex he worked for eight years at Qualcomm, designing chips for cell phones and planes, as well as three years at Telefonica.   

Partnering with a Co-founder experienced in advertising, Jordi founded a three-person team in 2011 in Barcelona, at the height of the financial crisis, with just €250,000 of investment. What resulted was the creation of Smadex’s proprietary DSP technology, and despite the economic difficulties, the less than ideal company location, and almost no marketing or sales efforts, Smadex quickly found its place at the top of the mobile advertising industry and the technology seemed to speak for itself. The Smadex team grew, expanded internationally, and monthly revenues doubled, then tripled.

With an engineer at the helm, and the product focused CEO’s passion for perfecting functionality, Smadex has maintained its position as a frontrunner in the mobile advertising tech space. In June 2018, Headway (backed by Entravision Communications Corporation) acquired and incorporated Smadex’s entire team of 35 people to work together towards their joint goals of offering mobile advertisers the best end-to-end digital advertising services in the market and ensure consistent return on investments, at scale.

Redefining Innovation

Smadex’s innovation has frequently come from listening to client feedback, as well as from strategic partnerships with other industry leaders. The open platform can easily plug and play with any new external partners and the company has been working with agencies and direct clients across the globe.

Smadex’s recent acquisition and incorporation by Headway, a global growth marketing company offering state-of-the-art technology solutions, will help accelerate Smadex’s integrations and increase access to global clients, from Los Angeles to Seoul.

Rendering Excellence

The company is proud to be recognized and praised by some of the most important and influential publications and organizations around the world. Smadex was chosen as number 50 in the Financial Time’s list of Europe’s fastest growing companies in 2018. The top client feedback is that Smadex offers great performance and impeccable service. The underlying technology is based on mathematically sound machine learning algorithms that generate real results, which ultimately means advertisers receive the results they want.

Eliminating Initial Challenges

The company was founded in Barcelona in 2011, in the midst of the economic crisis. After the housing bubble burst, 1 in 4 people in Spain was unemployed and the economy was dismal. But the Smadex team knew they needed to move fast in the quickly developing mobile technologies industry and scraped together the initial €250,000 of funding to get them off the ground.

By developing their own technology and constantly iterating and improving their product and algorithms, Smadex was able to overcome their initial challenges and now counts many Forbes Fortune 500 companies among their clients.   

Future Outlook

The mobile marketing and advertising industry is evolving rapidly, as it is constantly adapting to the quickly evolving mobile internet. Jordi believes that in the future, the mobile media buying industry will be dominated by the companies that are able to utilize leading machine learning and artificial intelligence advancements to generate real results for advertisers and adapt at lightning speed.  

Jordi believes that disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning will continue to allow digital advertising to become increasingly personalized and targeted. While traditional marketing practices relied on the quantity of ads placed in front of users, data-driven and intelligence-based marketing will be focused on increasing the quality of the audience and the relevance of the message delivered. By optimizing advertising with machine learning, mobile users will receive less disruptive adverts, that are more relevant to their interests, and marketers will be able to focus their outreach on the specific mobile users most likely to be interested in the advertisement.

“The mobile advertising technology industry is becoming increasingly intelligence and data focused. The future of the industry will be directed by the companies able to perfect their algorithms and harness the potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence.”  


Source: AnalyticsInsight

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