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Headway, an Entravision Company, Partners with Pixalate

Headway (, the leading data-driven media buying company for marketers worldwide, announced partnership with Pixalate, the leader in ad fraud protection and data intelligence, to ensure its video inventory is free of ad fraud and fully viewable. This partnership will provide leading-edge analytics technology designed to protect Headway’s clients against the newest and most difficult forms of ad fraud, helping brand marketers safely purchase high quality inventory that has been thoroughly verified through Pixalate.

“We selected Pixalate as our partner due to its unparalleled ad fraud detection tools and viewability measurement capabilities. We’re dedicated to giving our clients the assurance that the ads they place via Headway’s platform will be seen by humans and not bots, and that they won’t waste limited ad spend on placements that will never be seen by consumers,” said Luis Barragué, COO of Headway.

Headway provides brands and direct marketers with unique and exciting video ad units, accessing direct publisher inventory in a brand safe environment where key performance indicators and campaign goals are met through its exclusive technology and concierge-level global account services. Since its expansion, Headway has made significant strides to drive out ad fraud, along with local support for its white-gloved managed campaigns in four continents and active relationships with direct brands and agencies in five countries.

“Invalid Traffic is a persistent problem for brands seeking to leverage video advertising. It drives up media costs for campaigns and lowers return on ad spend for brand marketers and agencies. Pixalate's ad fraud protection technology suite was built from the ground up to combat ad fraud head-on, specifically to block non-human traffic in mobile apps and devices,” said Jalal Nasir, CEO of Pixalate. “We are thrilled to partner with companies like Headway that share our commitment to fostering a safe, transparent and trustworthy digital advertising ecosystem.”

Source: Nasdaq

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