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4 Key insights from the Mobile World Congress about the Mobile Ad-tech Industry, by Headway

Last week, 20 people from our team attended the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. One of the most exciting times of the year for the Mobile tech savvy. 8 Halls, over 100.000 visitors, 4 days of show, it's the time of the year where all the brands reveal their new devices and new technologies.

For the fourth consecutive year, Headway exhibited at the event, at the Hall 8.1, called App Planet, mainly focused on Marketing, Analytics, Technology, Advertising solutions etc. for Mobile App Developers. 


“Being part of the MWC is an amazing opportunity to meet all the industry leaders around the globe to discuss the latest developments in technology, marketing, advertising, and to discuss the latest trends and insights about the Mobile Ad-tech scene”, said Xavier Bourlard, SVP of International Growth at Headway. “It gives us the chance to embed ourselves with the new insights so we can incorporate them into our constantly evolving solutions”, he continued.


Our team spotted from the meetings, panels and discussions at the MWC, four major trends detailed below:


1. CPE as the new CPI: Mobile App Developers are shifting from Cost Per Instal (CPI) to CPE (Cost Per Engagement/event) basis. On the other side, they are also more willing to open their inventory to CPE campaigns than before, if obviously their EPC remains competitive. Particularly, in Brazil and in India, where we see most of the biggest spenders shifting to the CPE business model, which guarantees better-engaged users.


2. Context Targeting to improve Conversions: More DSPs, Ad-networks or even performance marketing companies target their campaigns based on the time of the day and what the user is doing at a specific time. For example, they promote Taxi Apps after 6 pm, when the demand increase as people leave their work to go back home; with food delivery apps, they will start after 7 pm when people think about having dinner; and so on. Based on that, they can create a pool of campaigns to rotate during the day, and matching the needs of the user at a specific time of the day.


3. Ad formats for Virtual Reality (VR). Some VR companies discovered that 360 degrees ads can trigger over 85% engagement on mobile, which is the triple from video ads. Implementing this ad format is great to maximize the engagement from the users to their apps.


4. Influencers’ Management. The popularity of the influencers is coming outside of the gaming vertical. A few years ago, Kim Kardashian was sponsoring a game from Glu Mobile, where every tweet from the celebrity could bring more than 100K new organic players in 1 day! Building on that success, App developers are starting to create and manage their own community of influencers, dedicating a team on it, and they are already seeing results: overall performance and ROI surpassing the social media channel. 


Obviously, we have discussed hundreds of other topics and trends during the show, but those above should bring a particular attention from the Mobile industry. The Headway team was super excited about the show, and already think about next year! See you soon at MWC 2018!


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