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LATAM is the new opportunity for mobile gaming

Latin America is poised to close out the year with 19% growth YOY on mobile platforms, and by 2021 will have over 235 million smartphone users.


The region is experiencing a veritable mobile boom, so we joined forces with Newzoo, the leading analytics and research company for the gaming industry, to make an in-depth analysis of the emerging potential of the region.

What we discovered is that the region is experiencing rapid advancement and quickly catching up to global market leaders. When LATAM is considered as a single cohesive unit (as the majority of the population speaks Spanish or Portuguese and has a generally similar cultural context) the sum the region’s 2018 revenues ranks 5th on the scale of market size. That's just behind China, the United States, Japan, and Korea.

(Top gaming industry markets by revenue)

Drilling down further into the data, LATAM opportunities are important not only because of the size of their large gaming market, but because of the people that make up the market’s demographics.

The region has a large percentage of engaged users. Mobile has already cornered 41% of the total $ 2.03 billion annual gaming industry turnover. And in the next two years, mobile is predicted to take over 50% of the quickly growing market.


Mexico and Brazil are leading the region, with highly engaged audiences of both male and female mobile gamers.

In a recently published co-created report, we provide a country by country break down of demographics and in-game purchases, as well as strategic market insight from the CRO at Etermax, Guido Farji, and Headway’s Head of Growth in LATAM, Arturo Camargo.


You can download the report in either Spanish or English at the following links:








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