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Announcing the launch of the Mobile Masterminds community!

Headway has launched the all-new Mobile Masterminds community! The new initiative aims to connect mobile marketers with the best industry insights, thought leadership, and trends, to stimulate conversations on the topics that really matter to mobile marketers.

Two years ago the Headway team began the Mobile Masterminds Sessions, and invited mobile marketers to share their expertise in a series of intimate gatherings of industry professionals around the globe. The many successful experiences inspired us to try and capture the stripped-down, actionable insights that our Mobile Masterminds shared in their sessions, and share them in our newly launched online community.

The new site's content is created collaboratively in order to keep up with the exhausting pace of the industry. Our in-house editorial staff consolidates comments from leading mobile marketers, on important topics, to present a multidimensional view of the important issues and topics in Mobile marketing. The emphasis of the content is will be focused on bringing first-hand accounts of what leading mobile marketers are doing right now to stay competitive. 

That means doing everything possible to avoid regurgitating cliché perspectives that have been beaten to death on other publications, and instead offer some answers to the question mobile marketers are really concerned with, i.e.: “What are other people doing to overcome the challenges I am facing?”

We are creating a space for real people facing similar challenges, to connect in an industry that is writing the playbook as it goes, so if you are a mobile marketer and feeling inspired, get in touch with the Mobile Masterminds content editor. They can give you all the information you need to share your insights and get featured or to potentially participate in speaking engagements at our Mobile Masterminds Sessions.

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