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Michele Webb joins mBolden

Headway’s VP of US Growth and Programmatic, Michele Webb, has become a board member at the Los Angeles chapter of mBolden.


mBolden is a non-profit organization working to inspire and empower women in the mobile and digital industries. They provide corporate partnerships, training programs and create inspiring content and events. They have grown partnerships with Facebook, Microsoft and T Mobile, as well as every major mobile and tech conference in the world, and leverage their industry links and corporate partners to give their members access to networking opportunities with leaders in their fields. They also run a Speakers Bureau that connects women leaders with high-profile speaking engagements at conferences around the world.

The Los Angeles chapter that Michele will work with is focused on developing female leaders in mobile and digital media in the greater LA area and Southern California.

“I find a lot of personal joy and satisfaction mentoring others and, in particular, helping women navigate their way through Ad Tech” comments Michele Webb on the announcement. “After attending several mBolden events and meeting other super talented women who share my same passion, I decided that I wanted to give back - and not just figuratively, but through action and by joining a reputable non-profit organization that would allow me to share my wealth of knowledge and experiences in the digital/mobile industry with other like-minded people.”


Michele will specifically co-manage the Memberships Committee, helping facilitate new memberships and increase attendance to local LA events. The Memberships Committee is responsible for managing the organization's database of members as well as stimulating new interest in joining mBolden in the Greater Los Angeles Area.

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