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Liligo Mobile Masterminds Session

Liligo CMO and mobile acquisition manager share insight on Liligo's mobile app market strategy and staying creative in the comparison travel vertical.

Headway’s Mobile Masterminds sessions are always an exhilarating glimpse into the daily trials and successes of the brands that make up the mobile industry, and the recent session with our partner Liligo was no exception.


Liligo is a travel price comparison website, mobile site, and app, with over 12 years in the industry and roughly 75 employees across their offices in Budapest, Paris and Barcelona. They process over 500K searches per day and offer their users a transparent and “no-bull” travel comparison site that aims to take the frustration out of vacation planning and find it's users great prices for all their transport needs, meaning planes/trains/buses/and cars.


The Liligo team came to our Barcelona office and dished on what it's like in the competitive comparison price travel industry, how they have been navigating the launch of their new app, and the reasons behind why they have decided to focus on mobile.


Their CMO, Guillaume Rostand, took the floor first and gave us the lay of the land, hitting on some of the company’s most successful marketing strategies over the years and then letting us in on why they are focusing a lot of their marketing energy on their newly launched mobile app.


He explained that Liligo has always been an innovative brand, and that they are solidly positioned in France as the leading travel comparison sight thanks to their ability to establish themselves early in the market, and their playful/creative/approachable marketing tone that resonated with their French users and differentiated them from their more tame competitors in the comparison travel vertical.

(Their colorful campaign that pictured “savvy” Liligo users tackling pilots to ensure they “caught the best travel price” was particularly memorable)


Guillaume credits the founders of Liligo for being the driving force behind the company’s innovative marketing methods. Liligo was an early adopter of using SEO content for driving organic inbound traffic, by creating an inspirational travel blog. Then, when keyword driven inbound became more expensive, they were quick to adopt offline marketing strategies. While everyone scrapped over keywords on the web, Liligo was diversifying, reaching users online and out in the world. As each previously innovative marketing channel became more widely adopted, and more competitive, Liligo developed a new strategy to stay out in front of their competitors. Which is why, Guillaume explained, they have recently ramped up advancement into the mobile app world.


They are only a few months into their new mobile app marketing initiative, explained Rocío Perez , Liligo’s mobile acquisition manager as she took the floor, and the app is still a metaphorical “baby”,  but they have been moving fast. They already have established partnerships and are seeing results from their mobile app marketing campaigns. Even though the company's advancements into mobile app marketing have felt like creating a new company inside the old company, they know Liligo’s power comes from its ability to move quickly and spot innovative new opportunities, and they are already understanding how Liligo can leverage the app to continue the brand’s success. Rocio’s philosophy is to test and measure everything, to ensure results and get real insight to improve their processes and optimize.


Rocio explained that they are focusing on paid acquisition and ASO to get the app in front of the most relevant audiences, reduce churn and bring the most valuable users to the app. They will be working with influencers in the very near future and feel that they have a lot to do. Rocio views the app's potential positively and mentioned how instrumental the company’s spirit of agility, innovation, and fearlessness has been to Liligo’s ability to go beyond mobile web and embrace the world of apps.


We send a big thanks to Guillaume Rostand and Rocío Perez for presenting this fascinating look into Liligo and we look forward to a successful continued partnership and hosting them again soon!


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