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Headway's Fascinating People Presents: Basant Abdelmoneim

In these "Headway's Fascinating People" segments, we get to present a snapshot of a Headway team member making a big impact in their region, enjoy!

So, who do we have the pleasure of interviewing?

Basant Abdelmoneim- Headway’s new Head of Growth in the Middle East and Africa.


What’s your favorite quote?

"Efficiency is doing the thing right. Effectiveness is doing the right thing." --Peter Drucker. I found this quote two years ago in an article and I loved it because it highlights the importance of ignoring the instinct to act busy, and instead, focus on what matters and always keep real goals in sight.


And where are you from?

Originally Egyptian, but the UAE has been my second home for more than 25 years.


What are you passionate about outside of work?
I travel a lot and have to say first that I love to explore different cultures, have adventures and experiences. After that, I am into cooking, R&B dancing, and hula hooping believe it or not!


You are new to the Headway team, what were you doing before and what brought you to us?

For a bit over 6 years I was working in Digital Marketing, purely on the client side. I worked with big brands in travel and classifieds and focused on performance and ensured growth. Coming to Headway I made the career transition from representing a single client, to optimizing growth for multiple clients, and it's been very interesting. I love bringing my marketing and management background to Headway’s clients and working with a wide array of companies I have gained a lot of insight. The fusion of data and creativity allows me to leverage market and customer insights and create effective marketing actions that I am proud of. It’s great to create and have a real measurable impact on businesses.

Interesting, and what are you working on now, more specifically?
Right now I am focused on growing client activities in the Middle East and Africa from our office in Dubai. This is an exciting opportunity to lead Headway’s efforts in Dubai and a lot is coming into our pipeline. The Dubai office has already proven invaluable in allowing us to work a lot closer with our clients in the MEA area.


And what is the mobile industry like in your region of MEA?

The Middle East and GCC are becoming more aware of the importance of mobile app advertising and it's creating a bit of a perfect storm of opportunities for app growth. From what I am seeing in the market, MEA mobile users are willing to pay for apps as long as they see the app is high quality. In particular, transportation and e-commerce apps appear to be performing well. I have also noticed many MEA clients have shifted their focus towards Programmatic buying and have been experimenting with more and more creative forms of audience targeting. It's an exciting time to be in MEA and to be a part of driving the strategies currently allowing us to grow together with our clients.


What do you think lies ahead for the mobile industry in your region?

The mobile advertising market isn’t just growing, it’s exploding, and its projected to surpass all other digital ad platforms. More and more app marketers are realizing the importance of being performance and data-driven and are switching to increasingly advanced KPIs to ensure ROI and high user LTV, with low fraud. This is the perfect time for Headway to be a leader in MEA, the industry is rapidly evolving and somehow manages to become more exciting with each passing day.


A special thanks to Basant for providing an interesting glimpse into the life of the new head of growth in MEA and sharing her industry insight.

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