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Smadex among top 10 machine learning companies

Headway’s DSP Smadex was selected by Analytics Insights magazine as one of the top 10 machine learning companies for 2018.

The leading programmatic mobile Demand Side Platform (DSP) was selected by the magazine as a machine learning pioneer in the ad tech industry and the CEO and founder, Jordi de los Pinos, was interviewed for his key insight into the future of the industry.

Smadex has been a quickly rising star as of late, with a recent acquisition and incorporation by Headway (a global growth marketing company offering state-of-the-art technology solutions) and the recent selection as number 50 in the Financial Time’s list of Europe’s fastest growing companies in 2018.

The mobile advertising platform allows agencies and individual clients to place ads on mobile devices intelligently, at scale, based on calculated user interests and ad relevance, and because the underlying technology is based on mathematically sound machine learning algorithms that generate real results, advertisers receive the results they want.

“The mobile advertising technology industry is becoming increasingly intelligence and data focused. The future of the industry will be directed by the companies able to perfect their algorithms and harness the potential of machine learning and artificial intelligence says CEO and founder Jordi de los Pinos”  

The transparent mobile media buying platform connects to international mobile ad exchanges and offers real-time bidding for ad space. The open platform can easily plug and play with any new external partners and the platform has been working with agencies and direct clients across the globe.

With the mobile marketing and advertising industry evolving at the same rapid pace as the mobile internet, it is projected by many, that the mobile media buying industry will be increasingly dominated by the companies that are able to utilize leading machine learning and artificial intelligence advancements to generate real results for mobile advertisers.  

Ad technologies based on artificial intelligence and machine learning allow mobile advertisers to become personalize and target their messaging, as they become increasingly data-driven. As companies like Smadex allow mobile advertisers to optimize with machine learning, mobile users will receive less disruptive adverts, that are more relevant to their interests, and marketers will be able to focus their outreach on the specific mobile users most likely to be interested in the advertisement.

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