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Recap of the Mobile World Congress 2018

While Mobile World Congress was not previously an ad-centric event, in recent years more and more Adtech and Martech players head to Barcelona for the event as the scope of MWC broadens.

Headway exhibited for the 5th time this year and was located in the Hall "App Planet", a dedicated area for mobile app ecosystems. This year's App Planet hosted more than 200 app-specific exhibitors, showcasing their products for the whopping 12,500 visitors from the developer community.

Everything in App Planet was focused around Mobile Growth, because acquiring, retaining and reconnecting with users is on every marketer’s mind, and let’s say it: its a very good moment to be a mobile marketer. Companies are building great tech to support this need and every year the solutions are getting more powerful.


?It’s a clear trend that the companies that invest in technology are the ones that are seeing more adoption from partners. The capability of adapting to each new industry turn is the key advantage for advertisers. Which is why since we started building Mobrain, we have introduced more analytics, more quality control and more connections that help us give great results to our client partners. This year the show proved that our efforts have paid off. A few of the biggest insights and moments of the conference for us were:


-Programmatic remains one of the preferred ways for clients to buy traffic. A strong understanding of programmatic is allowing progressive marketers to navigate the increasingly complex mobile advertising landscape.


-Most of the conversations were turning around the topic of how header bidding technology can improve mobile monetization.


-Ad Fraud prevention has been a top priority at Headway. This year many Mobile Measurement Platforms focused their messaging around the subject. MWC was a great opportunity to announce that Headway joined Adjust’s Elite Mobile Ad Fraud Coalition.??


-Talking about MMPs, this year these companies took the center of attention. Big booths, bigger parties. Growth is all about measuring and is always good to see our measuring partners evolving and bringing better solutions.


-Nokia reached back into the archives to revive another classic, Google’s hardware partners presented their first Android Go devices, and the pervasive buzzwords of 5G and AI were everywhere.


-The future is bright for App Marketing. Blockchain now is part of the conversation, big data processing and analytics are now a commodity and mobile phones are getting smarter and more powerful.


After an exciting week, we left MWC inspired and motivated to keep learning, building stuff, and helping app marketers to grow their businesses!

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