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Mastermind Session With Michael Jessen from eCooltra

Back in July we announced the launch of our ‘Mastermind Sessions’, a series of monthly events where a guest expert from the industry, including developers, agencies and partners, will join Headway to share their insights and opinions on the mobile advertising scene.

The latest session, led by Michael Jessen, Mobile Marketing Manager at eCooltra, took place on August at Headway’s Barcelona Office. Operating in Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon and Rome, eCooltra is the leader in scooter sharing in Europe with a fleet of more than 1,000 electric scooters.

In his role, Michael is instrumental in the implementation of eCooltra’s international marketing strategy including optimization of user acquisition campaigns on various advertising platforms and was on hand to provide his insight gained over years of industry experience. The session covered a range of topics including; best practices in mobile acquisition strategy, what’s going to happen in the future of mobile and challenges the industry is facing. 

How eCooltra is improving its user acquisition strategy

Michael explained that in order to acquire valuable customers, it’s essential to understand the audiences and how they use different devices to ensure that campaigns are getting to the right people at the right time.
During this session, Michael emphasized the importance of testing on all levels including operational system, location, creative types and ad format. eCooltra currently partners with Headway to test and analyze this data as various cities and cultures are so different it means that campaigns need to be tailored. Therefore, thanks to these data we can gain valuable insights and optimize the campaigns accordingly to achieve better ROI.

The challenge of scalability

In his session, Michael explained that scalability is a prominent challenge mobile apps are facing. He points out: “Unfortunately, simply increasing advertising spend by 50% doesn’t automatically increase registrations by the same figure. Therefore, it’s important to try using new resources and methods. We focus on city-targeting for user acquisition but there are a number of steps within the process between downloading the app and account activation. It’s account activation stage which is the most important for us as it means we have more ways to engage with our customers. Partnering with Headway on our user acquisition strategy has been a pleasant experience since day 1, and we will continue working with them as the results speak for itself”.

The future is voice search

Over the years, mobile voice search has evolved as all large phone manufacturers have their own version of a virtual assistant from Siri to Cortana. With this, more and more apps are adding the ability to use voice commands. For example, Whatsapp allows the user to ask Siri to send a message to someone for them.

Michael explains that this is something eCooltra are focusing on as they work to build upon their mobile strategy. He explains: “In the future we want people to be able to open the eCooltra app and ask it to show them the closest scooter and make a reservation. This is something we are striving for and working closely with our tech team”

Increase in Rich Media

The evolution of technology has opened up a range of avenues for advertisers to reach their audiences. With this, we have seen Rich Media rapidly establish itself as advertisers increasingly abandon static content for some that is more engaging.

Michael explains: “Audiences are more distracted than ever and advertisers need to engage with their audiences. Rich media content allows users to directly engage with the advert. Evidence suggests that ad retention is significantly higher than standard banner ads which have driven more advertisers to utilize rich media within their ads.”

Local and Proximity Targeting

In addition to utilizing voice search, there are also advancements with local and proximity targeting with the use of beacons and Bluetooth technology. Michael explains: “Every bus and metro station in Barcelona has a beacon which notifies a user when they are in range through a push notification. At the moment these beacons are used to encourage more people to use public transport but we will soon see various sectors utilize this technology.”

The next Mastermind Session

The next session will take place on November at the Headway’s Barcelona Office. If you are interested in hearing more or joining as a guest speaker please contact

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