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Tamir Shub joins Headway as VP of Video to build out global team

Headway announces the appointment of Tamir Shub who will join as VP of video, based in Tel Aviv.


Tamir joins us following over 8 years experience in online advertising and seven years working within the video landscape across desktop and mobile. Throughout his career he has worked to establish video departments, implement business development strategies and drive growth across several online companies. Prior to joining Headway, Tamir was the Managing Director for video advertising firm, RevenueVids, where he was responsible for implementing the company’s strategic vision and business development.Tel Aviv Tamir Shub

Having joined the business in August 2017, Tamir has ambitious plans for Headway as he will work to establish a truly global video team with LATAM, Europe and US teams coordinating, sharing information and establishing a worldwide video agency to strengthen the business.

Following his appointment, Tamir Shub, VP of Video at Headway, commented: “I am thrilled to joining Headway as VP of Video. I’ve known the potential of video since the early stages of it being adopted by advertisers and have been fortunate enough to see its rapid growth within the sector.”

He continued: “I have ambitious plans for Headway and throughout my career have believed that in order to achieve great success, you need to have big ideas. I am certain with Headway’s advanced video advertising solutions, we will achieve our mutual goals.”

Video ads continue to increase in popularity as advertisers remain focused on reaching their audiences with engaging and compelling content. A study produced this year by Advertising Perceptions found that US marketers anticipate spending more than $9 million on digital and video ads with brands allocating more than half their ad spend to video.


The study revealed that online video spend has increased by 67% over the past two years as the ad format now accounts for more than 35% of all online ad spend.

As consumers become harder to reach and increasingly more distracted, advertisers are under pressure to engage with their audiences and must use creative and innovative ad formats to retain their attention. As a result, we have seen video scroller ads emerge as a popular choice as more publishers and vendors adopt the format. These ads provide a seamless user experience as they run smoothly on and off screen as the user scrolls through a web page; minimising the likelihood of being blocked or ignored.

A recent IAB report noted the effectiveness of brands utilising scroller ad formats and found a noticeable 26% boost in brand awareness with higher recall rates and increased purchase intent. Due to the format giving control back to the user, the study found scroller ads to be significantly less invasive but just as expandable and informative as a banner ad.

Luis Barrague, COO at Headway comments: "Video ads now account for more than 35% of all online ad spend which we can expect to increase over time as formats such as scroller ads prove an effective way to engage with audiences.”


He continues: “We are thrilled about Tamir joining Headway as VP of Video to instill his vision for the future of the company’s video offering. With his extensive industry experience, we are confident that Tamir’s leadership, combined with Headway’s video solution, that is already being utilised by Fortune 500 brands, will enable us to continue helping our clients to reach the right audiences across the globe.”

Luis Barrague, COO and Tamir Shub, VP of Video at Headway will both be attending DMEXCO in Cologne 13th-14th September. If you’re interested in meeting at the show to talk about Headway’s Video Marketplace, schedule a meeting here.

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