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Introducing our new collaborative ‘Mastermind Sessions’

We are proud to announce the launch of our ‘Mastermind Sessions’. The monthly events will see a guest expert from the industry join Headway to share their insights and opinions on the mobile advertising industry. Experts will include app developers, agencies, partners and mobile experts.


A meeting of industry minds

The sessions which will be hosted by Headway will focus on exploring and better understanding developments in the mobile advertising industry and consumer behaviour.

In order to better serve customers and provide effective consultancy, we believe it is highly important to understand the priorities and challenges of the entire mobile advertising ecosystem. Along with industry speakers, Headway team will also share insights and expertise in the open sessions. This includes data analysis insight, product overviews and compliance advice.    

Launching the series with Verse

The first Mastermind Session took place last month with guest expert Alex Serra, Head of Online Marketing at Verse. Barcelona based Verse, was founded in 2015 and its payment app allows money to be shared with friends as quickly as sending a WhatsApp, without commissions.

Verse is building a product that people love as it makes payments easy. The innovative company strives to create a superior user experience while connecting the world through payments. Verse is working with Mobrain by Headway in Spain to optimise its mobile advertising campaigns and get highly engaged users.

How Verse is improving its user acquisition strategy

Alex believes, “You don’t get big if you don’t promote yourself”.  For Verse it is key that their mobile advertising strategy focuses on effective user acquisition. In the session he explained that there are two approaches to a strong user acquisition strategy, growth and profitability. Verse is focused on the former, striving to increase monthly valuable active users at the best costs.

Verse does this by working with partners such as Mobrain by Headway, Alex commented, “We work with Headway because we saw the numbers and that’s why they are one of our top providers.”

He continued during the session to explain the importance of KPIs in a mobile advertising strategy, “It’s all about KPIs. At the beginning, you need a testing period, and after a while you understand your goals and define the best KPIs that will help you achieve them. For both quality and quantity. In our case, the value is not the install, it is when you get a sign up and when someone makes a transaction.” In order to reach these KPIs. Headway works closely with Verse on quickly upgrading creatives and efficiently tracking post-install events. This helps Verse to understand user behaviour and also share feedback on the product.

Alex concluded his session by explaining that we are immersed in a multi touch scenario where the last click is not what counts but it is also impressions. The way we are acquiring users is changing and the industry needs to be aware of this.

The next Mastermind Session

The next session will take place on August 24th at the Headway Barcelona Office with more than 35 people, and 20 nationalities. If you are interested in hearing more or joining as a guest speaker please contact



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