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Headway acquired by US-based, publicly traded company Entravision

We are excited to announce that we have entered into agreement to be acquired by Entravision Communications Corporation (NYSE: EVC). The acquisition was officially announced March 2, 2017. This huge milestone will fuel greater innovations, expansion into diverse markets and new opportunities for Headway’s clients and partners.

Entravision is a US-based, publicly traded, diversified media company that specializes in TV, radio, digital, etc. with offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Dallas, Miami, Chicago, and in a number of other cities across the US.

This is a big step forward for a bootstrapped company that was started in 2010. Founders Martin Kogan and Agustin Coll had a vision to bring together a team of driven and highly capable individuals to create something unique. In just a few short years, Kogan and Coll were able to quickly grow from 5 employees to more than 152 team members located in 18 offices across the globe.

The acquisition means even bigger and better things are on the horizon for Headway. “This is a quantum leap,” says Headway’s CEO, Martin Kogan, “by integrating into Entravision, we will become part of a larger organization that will provide additional scale, resources, support and synergies that continue to allow us to more efficiently grow our business and invest in product development, expansion of our team and securing relationships with new clients and partners.”

Headway will continue to have a focus on fast innovations, strength of technology, bolstering the multi-channel operations for the existing marketers to continue expanding into new markets, improving Mobrain, DataXpand, MediaMath, programmatic and video solutions, and consolidating in Latam.

Some of the other exciting advancements you will see in the short and long-term future include:

Innovation: Headway has always had a commitment to growth and innovation, quickly making it a leader in the digital space. Now, with the acquisition, Headway will have further resources for our talented team members to continue to grow and develop their technologies. 5000+ clients who currently trust Headway will receive the benefits of this new deal.

Mobrain, Headway’s mobile platform, will have fast global development, as the public US company will take us to the next level. Now backed by EVC, we will continue to invest in technology, features, and partnerships to keep consolidating Mobrain as a top Mobile Media Platform -today it ranks in the Top 10 of AppsFlyer Ranking in several categories! -.

We’ll continue our multicultural success: Our proprietary technology developments of Mobrain products from Europe will see huge expansions serving clients in EMEA and into new markets and new capabilities.

We’ll keep our 18 offices around the world based in: U.S., Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Ecuador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Paraguay, Panama, Peru, Israel y Europe. We will now have the ability to expand and add even more offices and teams.

Our exclusive partnership with MediaMath remains strong more than ever & new opportunities are opening especially in the US Hispanic Market. 1 out of 4 children in the US are Hispanic!

DataXpand + Pulpo + Luminar is a robust combination! We’ll become a top player in the US for its data analysis and audience marketplace capabilities.

We were already in the major leagues and now we are ready for more! Our programmatic products and NativeWay will continue to entice top agencies and trading desks expanding to the US market. Innovating in multi-channel programmatic in the US will allow us to become leaders in Latam.

Video capabilities will skyrocket the opportunities for our video products to scale with top advertisers and agencies in the US is already increasing. Our R&D will continue in our Tel Aviv office.

The 150+ experts team at Headway remains unchanged and we will continue to provide you with the great service you are accustomed to. Martin Kogan, Agustin Coll, Roberto L’hopital, Luis Barrague, Sebastian Yoffe, Dario Diament, Xavier Bourlard, Rodrigo Zabaleta, Andrea Orsolon and all the management team and Country Managers will remain with Headway and continue to uphold the strong mission to develop Headway’s successful journey.

We look forward to hearing from you on how our newly combined companies can build more valuable solutions that support your business. Our commitment to you remains steadfast as we move into this exciting next phase in our growth!

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions or feedback at

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