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Our Leadership Team

Headway is guided by an executive team of experts with vast knowledge in different digital disciplines.

Rodrigo de Zabaleta


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Rodrigo brings a wide range of industry experience with him. He got a degree in Business Administration from Buenos Aires University and served as Chief of Finance and Accounting in the agro-industry.

He has a keen focus on developing efficient and motivated team members; and as CFO he oversees the growth and capital structure of the company and corporate development. Also, he implements all economic and financial strategies at Headway.


Martín Kogan
CEO & Co Founder
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Agustín Coll
CRO & Co Founder
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Roberto L´hopital
Managing Director
North & Central America
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Luis Barrague
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Sebastián Yoffe
SVP Business Development
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Dario Diament
VP of Product & Strategy
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Xavier Bourlard
SVP International
Growth & Partner
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Andrea Orsolon
Country Manager Brazil
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Mariana Duhart
Country Manager Mexico & Central America
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Michelle Webb
Sales Director
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Germán Toribio
Sales Director
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Julián Saconi
Sales Director LATAM
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Tatiana Sarmiento
Country Manager
Colombia y Ecuador
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Lucas Ceballos
IT Director
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Eloisa Dubert
Global Advertiser Director
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